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  • ‘Coindaddy’ Another Crypto-Rapper Rhymes About Bitcoin Life 2018 April 22
    Just last month news.Bitcoin.com chatted with the hip-hop artist ‘Lil’ Windex’ the Canadian rapper who made headlines last month for his rhymes about bitcoin cash. Now there is another rapper, from San Francisco, called ‘Coindaddy,’ an artist who has been coined a “Weird Al Yankovic” of cryptocurrency rap. Also read: An In-Depth Interview With Rob Hustle […]
    Jamie Redman
  • PR: Essentia to Become First Blockchain Based Solution from Finnish Government Through Collaboration with MTK 2018 April 22
    It hasn’t been long since we offered the Dutch government a blockchain based solution for the border control issue, as we believe that introducing real world use cases is the way towards mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. In March 2018, Essentia attended four meetings with representatives of the Finnish MTK organization, discussing possible ways of […]
    Bitcoin.com PR
  • Bitpay Adds Bitcoin Cash Support to Checkout Point-of-Sale App 2018 April 22
    Bitcoin cash is continuing to gather more support among users and service providers, with the latest example coming from Bitpay. The service now allows merchants to accept BCH payments via its Pos app, and settlement is expected soon too so that retailers can keep their proceeds in the cryptocurrency.   Also Read: Robinhood App Expands […]
    Avi Mizrahi
  • Survey: 89% of Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay Users Know Crypto – 53% Have Purchased 2018 April 22
    A global study of cryptocurrency purchases made by users of Visa, Mastercard, and Unionpay cards shows that 89% of respondents are knowledgeable about crypto and 53% have purchased some in the past 12 months. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space A Global Study Global payment service provider Worldcore reportedly conducted a study […]
    Kevin Helms
  • Robinhood App Expands Cryptocurrency Trading to Another US State 2018 April 22
    Two months after starting to roll out crypto trading, Robinhood has finally expanded the service to another American state. For now, it’s still supporting just bitcoin and ethereum, however the app is expected to add at least another fourteen cryptocurrencies eventually. Also Read: Crypto Funds Drop 29.2% in March Reveals Hedge Fund Data Specialist Robinhood […]
    Avi Mizrahi
  • PR: Bitcoin of America Opening New BTMs in 5 Major U.S. Cities 2018 April 22
    Chicago, IL: Bitcoin of America is happy to announce that they will be expanding their services in five major U.S. cities during the next four months. The company, which is headquartered in Chicago, IL, will be opening new Bitcoin Teller Machines — also known as BTMs, Bitcoin Kiosks, and Bitcoin ATMs — in Cleveland, Los […]
    Bitcoin.com PR
  • Five Reasons Why Bitcoin Cash is About to Win Big 2018 April 22
    Cryptocurrency markets have started to rebound in value as the spring begins in 2018, but one particular cryptocurrency — bitcoin cash — has been on a relentless upswing as the network approaches another hard fork this May. This year traders and bitcoin cash (BCH) proponents believe the decentralized digital currency and the BCH network has […]
    Jamie Redman
  • Trading Sanctions Imposed on Tezos Co-Founder Amid FINRA Settlement 2018 April 22
    The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), has taken action against Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman. The Wall Street regulator has fined Mr. Breitman $20,000 USD, banning Tezos from associating with broker-dealers for two years. It’s part of a settlement following FINRA’s accusations that the crypto company’s co-founder made false statements regarding the project whilst employed at […]
    Samuel Haig
  • Cheapair.com Considers Bitpay as Coinbase Terminates Merchant Processing Solutions 2018 April 22
    Cheapair.com is asking for customer feedback on using Bitpay to process bitcoin payments as its existing processor, Coinbase, is getting out of that business at the end of the month. Cheapair.com has also revealed additional plans for cryptocurrencies. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Coinbase Problem Travel booking website Cheapair.com has been […]
    Kevin Helms
  • Wikileaks Calls for Global Blockade of Coinbase After Its Shop Was Blocked 2018 April 22
    Wikileaks announced that Coinbase has blocked its official Wikileaks shop without notice or explanation. The organization will call for a global blockade of the cryptocurrency exchange and payment processor “as an unfit member of the crypto community.” Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Coinbase Quits Wikileaks Wikileaks announced on Friday that “Coinbase […]
    Kevin Helms

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