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  • Ukrainian Village Distributes Dividends From Crypto Investment 2018 December 11
    Despite the market slump, the head of а village council in Ukraine has managed to earn profit from a cryptocurrency investment he made on behalf of the residents of the Elizavetovka, Dnipropetrovsk region. Earlier this year, Maxim Golosnoy bought a small amount of cryptocurrency using his own savings and has recently distributed dividends to the […]
    Lubomir Tassev
  • Sentiment Analysis Service Predicoin Launches for Cryptocurrency Traders 2018 December 11
    Keeping abreast of cryptocurrencies means frequently browsing and interpreting vast amounts of content from various online sources. As the crypto markets expands and matures, information overload becomes a problem. Astute traders are increasingly seeking crypto-specific tools that can distill the noisy input data into quality insights. Predicoin is one such potential solution. Also read: Meet […]
    Kai Sedgwick
  • Fundraiser Aims to Raise $1M in Cryptocurrencies for Venezuelans 2018 December 11
    A cryptocurrency “airdrop” fundraiser has been launched to help Venezuelans. People are donating funds via a number of different coins to the citizens of the crisis-stricken South American nation — many of whom are refugees. Also read: Venezuelans Remain Skeptical After President Maduro Raises Petro’s Value Donate Coins to People in Need Launched by Airtm, a […]
    Mathew Di Salvo
  • Steady Rise in Small Businesses Accepting Bitcoin Payments in Kenya 2018 December 11
    Kenyan health services provider Health Land Spa has started taking BTC and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment with a view to increasing accountability and averting losses. Across East Africa, cryptocurrency acceptance is on the rise, with at least two restaurants in Uganda and Kenya selling food for virtual currencies. Also read: Wirex Introduces Iban […]
    Jeffrey Gogo
  • PBOC Deputy Governor Calls STOs ‘Illegal Financial Activity’ 2018 December 11
    Local media has reported that the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has banned security token offerings (STOs). Pan Gongsheng, a deputy governor of the PBOC, has mobilized the same rhetoric used with regard to initial coin offerings (ICOs) in describing STOs, accusing security token offerings of comprising “illegal financial activity.” Also Read: Federal Agents Told This […]
    Samuel Haig
  • US Law Professor: Confusing Cryptocurrency Regulations Will Hamper Innovation 2018 December 11
    Carol Goforth is a professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law. She recently published a paper about the consequences of having cryptocurrency regulations fall under a number of conflicting laws, defined by various U.S. authorities, all at the same time. Also Read: IRS to Face Record Number of Crypto-Related Loss Claims Confusing, Prohibitive […]
    Avi Mizrahi
  • Gibraltar Exchange Obtains Insurance for Crypto Assets as Cyber Attacks Soar 2018 December 11
    With cyberattacks on the rise, Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has announced an insurance policy to cover its digital assets in partnership with Gibraltar-based Callaghan Insurance. Cryptocurrencies held in both the hot and cold wallets of the trading platform will be insured. Also read: Report: Swiss City of Zug Named Fastest Growing Tech Hub in Europe Cyber […]
    Jeffrey Gogo
  • Only Five Bitcoin Mining Devices Released in 2018 Are Profitable This December 2018 December 10
    There has been a slew of bitcoin mining rigs announced during the last 12 months that claim to process more terahash per second while consuming less energy. However, with cryptocurrency prices so low, lots of newly launched machines are not profitable and many of them haven’t even shipped yet. Also read: Federal Agents Told This Silk […]
    Jamie Redman
  • Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Traders Are Still Searching for the Elusive ‘Bottom’ 2018 December 10
    The entire crypto-economy has been meandering just above $109 billion after the last two weeks of market dumps. Volume has been light this week as digital asset enthusiasts and traders are now pondering the crypto market’s next big move. Also Read: Former Israeli Prime Minister Calls Cryptocurrencies a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Market Surfers Wait for the […]
    Jamie Redman
  • Bitmain Shuts Down Research and Development Center in Israel 2018 December 10
    The ongoing bear market has caused another cryptocurrency company to downsize its operations. Bitmain, the Beijing-headquartered bitcoin mining technology giant, has now begun shutting down its research and development center in Ra’anana, Israel. Also Read: Former Israeli Prime Minister Calls Cryptocurrencies a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Bitmaintech Israel Closes Down According to reports from Israel, Bitmain’s research […]
    Avi Mizrahi