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  • Attempts to Deplatform @Bitcoin Account Reveal Private Message With Twitter CEO 2019 April 21
    A number of cryptocurrency supporters have been getting riled up lately over the @Bitcoin account on Twitter. Over the last 48 hours, various bitcoin core (BTC) supporters have been reporting the account to Twitter and the platform’s CEO Jack Dorsey. Things escalated when one BTC supporter private messaged Dorsey about getting the @Bitcoin account banned, […]
    Jamie Redman
  • In-Wallet BCH Purchases and BCH Merchant App in the Weekly Update From Bitcoin.com 2019 April 21
    An integration with Moonpay allows users of the Bitcoin.com wallet in the U.K. and Europe to buy bitcoin cash with credit cards and merchants can accept BCH payments with a new POS app which is now online. This and more in the weekly video news update shared on Bitcoin.com’s Youtube channel. Also read: Crypto Rocket […]
    Lubomir Tassev
  • The Number of Crypto Exchanges Offering Margin Has Multiplied 2019 April 21
    Until recently, Bitmex, Deribit and a handful of established exchanges were the only places where traders could get their leverage fix. This has now changed with the emergence of dozens of exchanges offering leverage and plenty more on their way. Binance and Kucoin – two platforms famed for driving this year’s other exchange trend, the […]
    Kai Sedgwick
  • Crypto Rocket Lets You Track Over 2,000 Cryptocurrencies 2019 April 21
    Having access to detailed and real-time market data is a precondition for becoming a successful cryptocurrency trader. Crypto Rocket is a mobile app that aggregates useful information about digital coins including price movements and the latest developments in the space. Also read: BCH Merchant App Allows Businesses to Accept Crypto Payments in Store Prices, Charts, […]
    Lubomir Tassev
  • Darknet Users Allege Wall Street Market Exit Scammed, Possibly Snatching $30M 2019 April 20
    During the first week of April, news.Bitcoin.com reported on a large swarm of darknet market (DNM) users flocking from Dream to the Wall Street marketplace. However, the migration hasn’t been as successful as it may have first seemed, with some vendors alleging that Wall Street has pulled an exit scam and ran off with $30 […]
    Jamie Redman
  • These Next-Generation Mining Rigs Pack a Ton of Hashpower 2019 April 20
    Last week, mining manufacturer Bitmain launched its latest Antminer 17 series. Now Canaan Creative has published its own device specifications and pricing for the new Avalonminer 10 series that process between 31-33 trillion hashes per second (TH/s). In addition to Canaan’s latest miners, two more China-based companies are releasing next-generation miners this summer that mine […]
    Jamie Redman
  • BCH Merchant App Allows Businesses to Accept Crypto Payments in Store 2019 April 20
    Cryptocurrency gives companies another payment option to offer their customers that yields a host of benefits. In the case of bitcoin cash, crypto payments are an easy, fast and cheap option, thanks to ultra-low onchain fees. BCH Merchant is a Point of Sale app that allows businesses to accept bitcoin cash. Also read: Crypto-Friendly Banking […]
    Lubomir Tassev
  • Russia Adopts Law to Isolate Runet From the Internet 2019 April 19
    Runet, the Russian segment of the internet, is about to be isolated from the rest of the web. A new law adopted by the State Duma aims to do so in order to supposedly protect it from external threats and turn it into a “sovereign” space. Russian taxpayers and end users will pay the bill […]
    Lubomir Tassev
  • Without a True Two-Way Peg No ‘Real’ Sidechain Exists, Says Drivechain Creator 2019 April 19
    On April 17, the founder of the Drivechain project, Paul Sztorc, published a new blog post concerning the validity of today’s so-called ‘production sidechains.’ Sztorc has declared on multiple occasions that true sidechain technology hasn’t been invented yet and even Blockstream’s Liquid protocol, dubbed “the first production sidechain,” in a critical sense is not a […]
    Jamie Redman
  • Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Privacy When Using Cryptocurrency 2019 April 19
    Cryptocurrency without privacy is pointless. If your coins aren’t fungible, you lose much of the benefits of using cryptocurrency in the first place. Privacy isn’t just won and lost onchain though. In fact, much of the privacy gains to be made when it comes to sending, spending and trading crypto occur offchain, as you go […]
    Kai Sedgwick

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