AS EfTEN Real Estate Fund III

AS EfTEN Real Estate Fund III

EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS is a Baltic cash-flow generating commercial real estate investment fund.  EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS (founded in 2015) is a public closed alternative investment fund, which invests in cash flow generating commercial properties in Baltic states.

The funds investment strategy is value added and opportunistic. Fund is targeted mainly for retail investors. EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS investment region is Baltic States.

The fund is the parent company of the consolidation group. The fund has eight subsidiaries (SPVs), through which the fund owns real estate investments.

The Fund invests into commercial and mixed purpose real estate that is located or into securities the issuers of which are located in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

The fund has a value added and opportunistic investment strategy with a medium to high risk level.

The Fund does not invest in immovable without detail zoning  plan and shall not acquire registered immovable without building right  for the purpose of speculation only. The Fund also does not invest in residential real estate or real estate companies, whose purpose is only the development of residential real estate.

The Fund may leverage its assets by taking a loan or otherwise involve financing in an amount equal to up to 65% of the current value of the respective investment.

Fund shall review the structure of the assets of the Fund regularly based on the investment purpose and restrictions prescribed in the articles of association of the Fund for risk spreading across different regions, segments and real estate tenants.

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AS EfTEN Real Estate Fund III
Šaltinis: AS EfTEN Real Estate Fund

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Investuotojo kalendorius

EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS wishes to inform all investors of the company’s financial calendar for the 2019 financial year.

We plan to disclose financial results and organize the general meeting of shareholders according to the following schedule:

 Unaudited results for Q4 2018 and 12 months 2018

28/02/2019        Audited results for 2018

17/04/2019        General meeting of shareholders

25/04/2019        Q1 interim results

30/07/2019        Q2 interim results

29/10/2019        Q3 interim results


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