AS Talsu mežrūpniecība (delistinguota nuo 2017 balandžio 24 d.)

AS Talsu mežrūpniecība

AS Talsu mežrūpniecība is located in the north-western part of Latvia, in the forest-rich region of Kurzeme. We operate in the woodworking industry.

The wood-processing workshop of our public limited company produces debarked and rounded poles. We employ 40 workers working in the production areas for rounded poles, debarked poles and in two production areas for rounded poles made from small wood

Investuotojo kalendorius:

JSC Talsu mezrupnieciba  will publish its 2016 financial results following the schedule below:

23th – 27th May 2016                2016 3 months  unaudited interim report

29th – 31th  August 2016        2016 6 months unaudited interim report

28th – 30th November 2016     2016 9 months  unaudited interim report

20th – 24th February 2017       2016 12 months unaudited interim report


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