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AS Tosmares kuģubūvētava (delistinguota)

AS Tosmares kuģubūvētava

Tosmares kugubuvetava: Liepaja – non-freezing port on West Coast of the Baltic sea having very efficient geographical position. It is close to the West Europe and it has developed traffic net.

It is connected with Riga, the capital of Latvia, with a main road, distance 210-km. JSC „Tosmare Shipyard” was established in 1900 and it is one of the oldest shipyards in the Baltic region.

Shipyard has a big experience in various type of ships repair. For the long period it was one of the main repair base for the Navy fleet in the Baltic Sea.
For our customers we offer the qualified repair 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We carry out the works on dry-cargo, tankers, reefers, Ro-Ro, trawlers, tugboats and other kinds of vessels.
Our shipyard carries out the repair and conversion works according to requirements of owner and Classification Societies such as Lloyd Register, American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Germanisher Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Maritime Register of Shipping.

The Shipyard has two unique dry docks, as well as a floating dock, which enable all kinds of dock jobs to be done.

Our Shipyard offers various kind anticorrosive treatments including high pressure water washing up to 1000 bar and sandblasting of hulls, cargo holds, ballast and fuel oil tanks. JSC „Tosmare Shipyard” works together with International Paint, Hempel, Jotun and Sigma Coatings.


Nasdaq Riga decided on October 11, 2018 to delist AS “Tosmares kuģubūvētava” shares (ISIN LV0000101095, ticker TKB1R) from the Baltic Secondary List. The last listing day for AS tosmares kugubuvetava shares is set to October 17, 2018.

Nasdaq Riga Management Board passed the resolution pursuant to Nasdaq Riga listing and disclosure rules Article 21.4.1. Sub article 1., which stipulates that the Exchange has the right to take a decision on delisting of financial instruments of the issuer from the Exchange in case the issuer or the financial instruments issued by it do not conform to the requirements specified in the Rules.

The company’s insolvency process was announced by the Kurzeme District Court on August 9, 2018, and the certified administrator of the insolvency process Ivars Maliks was appointed as the administrator of the insolvency proceedings of the company. More information in the company’s announcement.

Investuotojo kalendorius:

Submission terms of financial reports of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months of 2018


The financial report of 3 months of 2018 will be published on 25.05.2018–31.05.2018.

The financial report of 6 months of 2018 will be published on 27.08.2018–31.08.2018.

The financial report of 9 months of 2018 will be published on 26.11.2018–30.11.2018.

Audited financial report of 12 months of 2018 will be published on 24.04.2019–30.04.2019.

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