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Coop Pank was launched in 2017 to launch the first bank in Estonia that is creating synergies between commerce and banking. The strategic owner of the bank is Coop Eesti, with whom bank services are offered in all Coop stores across Estonia.

Bank has total of 350 stores in Estonia, which means that Coop Pank is able to serve customers all over Estonia, just as Coop Eesti´s message “We keep life in every corner of Estonia” also promises

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AS Coop Pank wants to improve access to banking services for all Estonians, regardless of their life or workplace. In order to access our banking services, you do not necessarily need to go to a bank office to open an account.

This can be done online or at Coop stores. In addition to Coop stores, customers of the bank can also use the services in all normal banking channels.

The bank has 16 bank branches, an internet bank and a mobile bank. Coop Pank is also the largest cash network bank in Estonia, because the bank´s customers can in addition to cash dispensers at Coop stores withdraw cash from ATM´s all over Estonia.

Through its activities, the Bank also wants to contribute to the development of Estonian entrepreneurship and thereby support the development of Estonian economy.

In fulfilling this mission, cooperation is proactively in process with Estonian entrepreneurs who need financial support to realize their business plans in Tallinn, Tartu and other areas in Estonia.

By supporting the development of companies Coop Pank contributes to the regional development of Estonia and creates the opportunities for people to have a chance to live in the places of Estonia where they wish.

One of the strengths of the Bank is its ability and capability to provide flexible solutions by clearly identifying the needs of the customers, for both private as well as corporate customers by different products, and to offer quick and convenient solutions.

Launching the Bank was awarded last year with the title of Aasta Turundustegu [The Marketing Act of the Year] and in October 2018, Coop Pank was nominated at the competition of the best companies of Estonia organised by Enterprise Estonia and The Estonian Employers’ Confederation in the category of Aasta Uuendaja [Innovator of the Year], and the bank ranked among the best three.

Coop Pank pays the highest deposit interest to companies among banks – up to 0.25% per year.

The interest paid by the bank on term deposits to private clients is up to 2%, which is the best in the comparison of universal banks.

Šaltinis: Coop Pank

AS Coop Pank should be pronounced as ‘CAWP PUNK’, and the name is not translated in other languages.

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Kompanijos akcijos listinguojamos Nadsdaq Tallinn biržoje, Oficialiajame prekybos sąraše nuo 2019 m. gruodžio 10 d. Trumpinys CPA1T.

Investuotojo kalendorius

In 2020 the bank plans to disclose information according to the following schedule:
11.02.2020   Q4 2019 and unaudited full year results
11.02.2020   January results
11.03.2020   February results
17.03.2020   Audited results for 2019
21.04.2020   Q1 interim results
11.05.2020   April results
11.06.2020   May results
21.07.2020   Q2 interim results
11.08.2020   July results
11.09.2020   August results
21.10.2020   Q3 interim results
11.11.2020   October results
11.12.2020   November results

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