JSC Daugavpils Lokomotīvju Remonta Rūpnīca (delistinguota)

JSC Daugavpils Lokomotīvju Remonta Rūpnīca veikla

JSC AS Daugavpils Lokomotīvju Remonta Rūpnīca works in two directions : repair of rolling stock and sub-contracting metalworking.

DLRR was founded in 1866 as a base for steam locomotive repair workshops. In 1965 the plant was redesigned for overhaul of diesel locomotives.

DLRR is the biggest company in Baltic states , which overhauls and modernizes rolling stock:

  • Repair and modernization of mainline locomotives, shunters, DMU and EMU trains
  • Repair and modernization of passenger carriages
  • Repair of equipment: wheelsets, diesel engines, diesel locomotive and electric train aggregates.
  • Spare parts for rolling stock

Investuotojo kalendorius:

AS Daugavpils Lokomotīvju Remonta Rūpnīca informs that 2017 interim condensed financial statement filing scheduled for the following dates:

for 3 months – 2017 on May 24.

for 6 months – 2017 on August 23.

for 9 months – 2017 on November 22.

for 12 months – 2018 on February 21.


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