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Prasidėjo? O gal kaip tik senų įvykių pabaiga? D. Trump pasirašė įsakymą dėl pasitraukimo iš Ramiojo vandenyno partnerystės sutarties. OK. What next?


“I would always advise young people to follow their star, not my star. They have to live their own life. If they decide they want to go into the investment business, do it but make it a better business than it is today.

I think high turnover is definitively the investor’s enemy, so you don’t want to bring a high turnover philosophy to this business. You want to have a long term philosophy.

The business has some problems, substantial problems. You go fix it, you young people. That’s what you’re there for. Don’t believe what the old generation tells you. We don’t know a damn thing, including Bogle.” -John Bogle

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