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Trading Signals

Expert Signals and Strategy: The Smart Trading Formula – 17 April 2024. The Project is closed

The stock market is a dynamic and complex environment that requires constant attention and adaptation. To succeed in this field, you need to have smart trading, expert signals and strategy. Smart trading is the use of sophisticated software and algorithms to monitor and predict the market movements. Expert signals are the tips and advice from professional traders or experts who have a deep understanding of the market. Strategy is the set of rules and guidelines that you apply to your trading activities to optimize your performance and reduce your losses. In this article, we will show you some of the most effective smart trading, expert signals and strategy.

Stocks used in Smart Trading

Lithium Americas signals and strategy.

By analyzing the trading signals and essential strategies of these companies, we aim to assist investors and traders in making informed decisions in the stock market.

Trading signals

LAC trading strategy, 1D

  1. Place Buy long order @5.16.
  2. Replace Buy long order @4.99.
  3. Replace Buy long order @4.76.
  4. Replace Buy long order @4.60.
  5. Place Double size Buy long order @5.94.
  1. Place Stop loss order @3.80.
  2. Replace Stop loss order @4.09.
  3. Place Take profit order @4.88.
  4. Replace Take profit order @4.99.
  5. Replace Take profit order @5.42.
  6. Replace Take profit order @5.98.
  7. Replace Take profit order @6.33.
  8. Replace Take profit order @6.42.
  9. Replace Take profit order @6.52.
  10. Position closed with a 19.61% profit.

We will not open new positions anymore. We will only fill existing ones and maintain them until the end. The project is moving towards a logical end.

Closed positions

Close losing positions immediately, keep profitable ones as long as possible.

Ticker/currency pairPositionAmountProfit/LossProfit/Loss, %
Result of the previous period7 290.775.11%
AMCLong1785-1 579.05-18.37
LACLong1 5901 699.4019.61
Total Profit/-Loss9 709.216.81%
Trade win rate50.19%


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice.

Important! These signals do not guarantee that they will work in the market. They also do not guarantee that open positions will generate profits for you. However, consistent and disciplined adherence to the strategy brings positive returns in the medium and long term.

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