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    Nauris Treigys

    According to the decision made by the Listing and Surveillance Committee of Nasdaq Tallinn on May 31, 2018, up to 263 000 000 shares of AS Tallinna Sadam with nominal value of EUR 1 (Tallinna Sadam share, ISIN code: EE3100021635) will be listed on Baltic Main List after the following conditions are met:

    the offering has been completed according to the principles described in the Prospectus and the results of the offering are disclosed;
    offer shares have been transferred to the securities accounts of investors in Estonian Securities Register if the offer has been successful;
    conditional share capital increase has been registered in Commercial Register if the offer has been successful;
    after meeting the aforementioned conditions, the issuer has submitted the respective report to the exchange.
    The aforementioned conditions are met as of June 12, 2018. Proceeding from the above, 263 000 000 AS Tallinna Sadam shares will be listed on the Baltic Main List as of Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

    Additional info:

    Issuer’s name AS Tallinna Sadam
    Issuer’s short name TSM
    ISIN code EE3100021635
    Nominal value of one security 1 EUR
    Number of securities 263 000 000
    Orderbook short name TSM1T
    Orderbook ID 156278
    ICB classification 2777 Transportation Services
    List Main List

    AS Tallinna Sadam Prospectus and Prospectus Supplement is attached to this announcement.
    AS Tallinna Sadam Prospectus_Supplement_1.pdf
    AS Tallinna Sadam Prospectus.pdf
    ASi Tallinna Sadam prospekti kokkuvõtte tõlge RUS.pdf

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