JSC Ditton pievadķēžu rūpnīca

JSC Ditton pievadķēžu rūpnīca

The factory was founded in 1949. As the result of privatization, in year 1995 the Joint Stock Company Daugavpils pievadkezu rupnica was established, its statutory capital is 7 400 000 Ls and the nominal value of 1 share is 1 Ls.

Our main products which are the bush-roller driving chains for bicycles, motorcycles, for the gas-distributive mechanisms’ drives of automobiles, agricultural machinery and different types of drives in industrial equipment, are exported to EU countries, CIS, the same as to the countries of Asia and America. The number of these importers is over 30 countries.

There are perfect possibilities for designing and manufacturing of number of machine-building products.

The enterprise structure includes also the machining-tools’ production department fitted with both general-purpose and special-purpose equipment;

the laboratories supplied with all necessary metrological equipment and instruments;

the group of objects that provides the necessary ecological demands’ observance;

bounded warehouse.

There is an extension of Latvian Railway connected to the enterprise and a loading-unloading ramp on its territory.

Our enterprise is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. The products are in compliance with demands of normative-technical documentation what is corroborated by the certificates.

JSC Ditton pievadkezu rupnica has the accredited laboratory for testing of manufactured products. The environmental management system is organized in accordance with EU directives (96/61 EU etc.).

The good name and reputation of JSC Ditton pievadkezu rupnica means quality, which is essential for customer and is achieved due to high level of qualification possessed by our engineers and workers of all required professions.

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