JSC Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs

JSC Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs

Latvian Maritime Medicine Centre (LMMC) is a multi-field, high-level and widely accessible patient care institution. LMMC consists of:

– Central Hospital at 23 Patversmes Street, Riga, LV 1005

– Vecmilgravis Hospital at 26 Vecmilgravja 5.lin. Street, Riga, LV 1015- Vecmilgravis Primary Health Care Centre at 10 Melidas Street, Riga, LV 1015 Latvian Maritime Medicine Centre is a certified patient care institution.

In the course of privatisation, there was established public joint-stock company ”Latvian Maritime Medicine Centre” (“Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs”) in 1997, which shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Riga.

Central Hospital treats patients with internal therapeutic, surgical, gynaecological, urological, traumatological diseases and orthopaedic disorders. Vecmilgravis Hospital treats patients with therapeutic and neurological disorders, and this is the only patient care institution in Latvia, where patients with Multiple sclerosis are treated according to the Government Program.

Vecmilgravis PHCC ensures primary and secondary health care in out-patient conditions for 33 300 inhabitants of Riga and 2 600 people working in seafaring and fishing industry.

Students and captain’s mates of Maritime College and Maritime Academy according to IMO curriculum are trained on the basis of JSC LMMC, which also ensures radio advice in diagnostics and treatment of ship patients.

LMMC trains medical students in its Surgical Clinics, which is the training base for all students of Medical Faculty of the University of Latvia. JSC Latvian Maritime Medicine Centre has 366 employees.


Latvijas Juras medicinas centrs JSC: Data of publication of financial reports in the year 2020:

Consolidated not audited interim report for the 12 months of 2019 – 17.02.2020÷21.02.2020

Consolidated not audited interim report for the 3 months of  2020 – 18.05.2020÷22.05.2020

Consolidated not audited interim report for the 6 months of  2020- 17.08.2020÷21.08.2020

Consolidated not audited interim report for the 9 months of  2020 – 16.11.2020÷20.11.2020

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