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JSC PATA Saldus veikla

JSC PATA Saldus operates in two basic sectors: forestry and processing of wood. The company owns more than 2,000ha of land property, including 1,614ha of forest territory.

The company has concluded a longterm agreement with the State Joint Stock Company Latvijas Valsts Meži about the forest harvesting on 40,000 ha of forest territory.

Under this longterm agreement every year in the state owned forest approximately 160 000 m3 of round timber shall be harvested, including 140,000 m3 for main usage and 20,000 m3 for intermediate felling.

The additionally needed amount of forest the company shall by on the auctions as well as purchasing felling sites and property from private forest owners all around Latvia. In average 340,000 m3 of round timber is being harvested.


JSC PATA Saldus announces when will be published financial statements for above mentioned periods:

Audited financial report for the year 2020 on 30.04.2021.

3 months financial report for year 2021 on 31.05.2021.

6 months financial report for year 2021 on 31.08.2021.

9 months financial report for year 2021 on  30.11.2021.

Current ISIN code before the nominal value change LV0000100154
New ISIN code after nominal value change LV0000101681
New nominal value 0.70 EUR
Number of listed shares before the nominal value change 387 136
Number of listed shares after the nominal value change 774 272
Last trading date with previous ISIN before nominal value change 24.01.2019
Order book short name (unchanged) SMA1R
OrderbookID (unchanged) 39614

January 25, 2019 will be the first trading day with the new ISIN code. Settlements of all trades with the new ISIN code will take place as of January 29, 2019.

Due to the nominal value change (stock split), Nasdaq Riga has decided to flush the order book of AS “PATA Saldus” after the end of Trading Hours on January 24, 2019.

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