JSC Siguldas ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija

JSC Siguldas ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija

JSC „Siguldas ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija” is one of the largest company in this type industry in Latvia. The company has more than 50 years experience in the breeding and artificial insemination business.

Siguldas artificial insemination and stock breeding station was established 1957 as a state enterprise. It became the leading company in this business in Soviet Latvia.

Now company is one of the largest high-quality breeding animals’ semen producers and suppliers in Latvia.

The second largest Company’s basic area of business is making of milk analyses. In addition, the Company performs other related services – evaluation of cow exterior, artificial insemination of cows, immune-genetic investigation of origin for cattle, milk recording data processing.

The specialists of company are advising the farmers in cattle breeding and selection and in the management of the herd.

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JSC ‘Siguldas ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija’ (Nasdaq Riga: SCM1R) informs that in 2020 the dissemination of its audited annual report, interim reports and financial information is planned on dates as follows:

Date Event
23th March 2020 for the year 2019
28th May 2020 for the first 3 month period of 2020
27th August 2020 for the first 6 month period of 2020
26th November 2020 for the 9 month period of 2020

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