JSC VEF akcijos

JSC VEF has been founded in 1991. In the course of privatisation all production units according to their specialisation were spinned-off from JSC VEF and transformed in to independent companies. 

At the moment company has 20 employees. The company supplies electricity to the biggest part of enterprises which are operating in the territory previously owned by VEF, and also takes efforts to renovate and reconstruct owned buildings for production needs and rented offices.

Ferrous and nonferrous metals and scrap purchase.


In 2019 the financial reports of JSC VEF will be published in the following dates:

– unaudited interim condensed  financial report for the 3 months’ period ending on 31 March , 2019 –  Week 22 of 2019 (until 31.05.19);

– unaudited interim condensed financial report for the 6 months’ period ending on 30 June, 2019 – Week 35 of 2019 (until 30.08.19 );

– unaudited interim  condensed financial report for the 9 months’ period ending on 30 September, 2019 – Week 48 of 2019 (until 29.11.19)


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