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AS Kurzemes atslēga 1 (likviduojama)

AS Kurzemes atslēga 1 veikla

Since 1960 JSC Kurzemes Atslega 1 specializes in production of door locks and metalware. Then the company has named as metal hardware and door lock factory „Aizpute”. In 1965 it was renamed as metal hardware factory „Kurzeme”.

In 1996 the company became joint stock company „Kurzemes Atslega 1”.

The basic production of the enterprise is production of door locks and different bindings, furniture locks, door and window hinges and fittings, building fasteners, forged pieces for gates, fences, balconies and staircases and other fabricated metal products.

Besides the company offers a wide range of services: metal and plastic casting, surface treatment such as galvanizing, powder painting, nickel and chrome plating, metal stamping and forming, as well as production of press tools and moulds.

Company continuously expands its production, following the requirements of customers. The majority of employees are working at the enterprise for years and have wide practical experience and excellent skills.

This makes a good basement for high quality of products. The company is the leading manufacturer of the above mentioned products in Latvia and Baltic states. The production is being delivered both to the local marked and abroad.

Investuotojo kalendorius:

Information on financial statement publication calendar for 2021:

– The audited financial report for 2020 will be submitted on March 23, 2021.
– Unaudited financial report for the first quarter of 2021 will be submitted on 31.05.2021.
–  Unaudited financial report for the first half of 2021 will be submitted on 31.08.2021.
– Unaudited financial report for 9 months of 2021 will be submitted on 30.11.2021.

Kompanijos puslapis

Kompanija nutraukia veiklą

Extraordinary shareholders meetings of the Joint stock company „KURZEMEs atslēga 1 „on December 18, 2020 Draft decisions on the agenda.

Question 1 . Termination of the Company


To terminate the Company’s operations by commencing its liquidation.

 Question 2 . Determination of the liquidator of the company


To determine that the liquidation of the Company shall be performed by the Chairman of the Board of the Company Pēteris Frīdenbergs.

 Question 3 . Creditors claim submission deadline


To determine that in accordance with Section 324, Paragraph three of the Commercial Law, the term for submission of the Company’s creditors’ claims is April 30, 2021.

Question 4 . Removal of members of the Council of the Company


Pursuant to the commencement of the liquidation process of the Company, to remove its members from the Council of the Company:

 1) Irēna Burve,      

2) Ilgvars Jurjāns,     

3) Daiga Lankovska,       

4) Rolands Līvmanis,    

5) Guntars Stekjānis.     

 Question 5 . Authorisation to submit the decisions taken to the registration of Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia


To authorize Sworn Law Office COBALT, VAT registration number 90000389543, address Marijas street 13 k-2, Riga, LV-1050, sworn attorneys Marija Berdova, personal code 140587-12981 and lawyer Vadim Zvicevic, personal code 210495-10224, each separately, to sort all questions related to the registration of the decisions adopted at the Meeting in the Commercial Register of the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia, including, but not limited to, signing, submitting and receiving all necessary documents, their copies, transcripts and extracts, certifying the originality of document derivatives in writing, make the necessary payments, sign where necessary, including any submissions, applications and notifications to the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia, VSIA “Latvijas Vēstnesis”, the State Archives of Latvia and its structural units, as well as in relations with any third parties, appeal against decisions, make corrections, and to perform any other actions that are necessary or desirable for the successful performance of the given task.

  The Board

Shareholders may attend the general meeting in person or through their representatives. Shareholders can exercise the right to vote in writing before the shareholders’ meeting, using a secure electronic signature, by sending the vote to the e-mail address: or use the ordinary post by sending the vote to the address Kalvenes Street 27, Aizpute, Aizputes novads, LV3456. The published voting form must be used for voting. Such a vote will be taken into account if received by the end of 17 December 2020. 

Shareholders with such a vote will be considered present at the shareholders’ meeting. A shareholder who has voted before the shareholders’ meeting may ask the Company to confirm the receipt of the vote. The Company shall send a confirmation to the shareholder immediately upon receipt of the shareholder’s vote. If a shareholder has voted before the meeting, this does not prevent him from attending the meeting in person and participating in the voting. In this case, the vote previously cast by the shareholder will be canceled and the vote cast during the meeting will be taken into account. Please find attached the voting form for remote voting.