AS Latvijas Gāze

AS Latvijas Gāze

AS Latvijas Gāze is the only natural-gas transmission, storage, distribution and sales operator in Latvia. The company ensures the supply of natural gas to 443,000 customers in Latvia and ensures natural gas transmission and storage for customers in Estonia, Russia & Lithuania.

The company’s objective is to strengthen company’s position as a leader in the Latvian fuel market, by increasing the availability of natural gas, promoting the variety of its consumption, and ensuring Latvia with one of the most stable natural gas supplies in Europe.

The company’s vision is to transform Latvia into one of Europe’s largest natural-gas storage centers, utilizing our country’s unique geological formations.

The company’s mission is to contribute to the Baltic region’s economy, by ensuring the safety of energy supply, the development of the sector, and competitive pricing.


In 2021, the consolidated financial results of Latvijas Gāze Group will be published as follows:

Date Event
24.02.2021.Unaudited Consolidated Condensed Financial Statements for 2020
21.04.2021.Consolidated Annual Report 2020 (audited)
26.05.2021.Unaudited Consolidated Interim Condensed Financial Statements for 3 months of 2021
25.08.2021.Unaudited Consolidated Interim Condensed Financial Statements for 6 months of 2021
24.11.2021.Unaudited Consolidated Interim Condensed Financial Statements for 9 months of 2021

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