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AS PRFoods is a food production company. The Company along with its subsidiaries is engaged in production and wholesale of fish and fish products.

The company is engaged in the production and sales of fish products in Finland and Estonia and fish farming in Sweden and Finland. The most significant trademarks of company are “Heimon Gourmet” and “Saaristomeren”.

The Group’s other trademarks include “Gurmé” and “Polar Fish”, which are marketed in the Baltic States. As a result of the sale of the ice cream and frozen goods business segments at the end of the previous year, data from 2014 has been restated in these financial statements in the interest of comparability.

The ice cream and frozen goods business segments are classified as discontinued operations.


Consolidated financial results of PRFoods AS will be published in year 2018 as follows:

week 2 Turnover for 12 months 2017
week 7 Turnover for January 2018
week 8 Consolidated, unaudited interim report for 12 months
week 11 Turnover for February 2018
week 15 Turnover for March 2018
week 19 Turnover for April 2018
week 20 Consolidated, unaudited interim report for 15 months
week 24 Turnover for May 2018
week 28 Turnover for June 2018
week 32 Turnover for July 2018
week 34 Consolidated, unaudited interim report for 18 months
week 37 Turnover for August 2018
week 41 Turnover for September 2018
week 43 Audited, consolidated annual report for 18 months 2017-2018
week 46 Turnover for October 2018
week 46 Consolidated, unaudited interim report for 3 months
week 50 Turnover for November 2018

AS PRFoods has made the following amendment to the financial calendar – the unaudited interim report of 2ndquarter of 2018 and 18 months of AS PRFoods for the financial year 2017/2018 will be published on the 31st of August 2018 instead of the 34th week as previously announced.

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