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AS Silvano Fashion Group is an international lingerie distribution group involved in design, manufacturing and marketing of women’s lingerie.

Our mission is to create comfort, positive emotions and confidence for our customers, employees and stockholders, through excellent products and a retail environment which is mood enhancing, helps to shape the style, and encourages the individuality and self esteem of each customer.

The Group’s operations include the “Milavitsa” and “Lauma Lingerie” retail chains which distribute the “Milavitsa”, “Alisee”, “Hidalgo”, “Lauma Lingerie”, “Laumelle” and certain other brands in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic states and other countries.

The Group’s products are also distributed through wholesale channels.

The manufacturing capacity of the Group is comprised of Milavitsa, a lingerie factory located in Minsk (Belarus) and Lauma Lingerie, a lingerie factory located in Liepaja (Latvia).

Multiple own and outsourced production facilities in different countries and own brand retail chain in the Baltics and Belarus add versatility and flexibility to the operations of the Group.

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