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Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS veikla.

Tallinna Kaubamaja (“the department store”), the parent company of the Tallinna Kaubamaja Group, opened for customers on 21 July 1960.

In 1994, Tallinna Kaubamaja was privatized; the company was restructured and from then on led by a new executive management.
The department store in Tallinn was fully renovated in 1995-96.

In 1995 the first Selver supermarket was opened.

The sales area of the flagship department store in Tallinn was modernised to a significant degree in spring 2004. The sales area of Tallinna department store increased by almost 1.5 times in connection with the extension to the Viru Keskus shopping centre.

The autumn of 2005 saw the opening of a new shopping centre of Tartu Kaubamaja, of which about half accommodates the department store operated by Kaubamaja AS (the subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja AS) while the other half is occupied by about 60 miscellaneous tenants. At the end 2005 the number of Selver stores increased to 20.

In early 2007, the company entered the car sales and servicing market by acquiring OptiGroup Invest OÜ, including KIA Auto AS, Ülemiste

Autokeskuse OÜ and KIA Auto UAB, and started the retail and wholesale of KIA vehicles in all Baltic states.

In spring 2008, the company acquired footwear retail chains of ABC King AS and Suurtüki NK OÜ along with their Latvian subsidiaries of ABC King SIA and Suurtuki SIA.

In 2009, the company opened the first beauty store under the name I.L.U. devised by the group.

In 2009, the first cosmetics store was opened under the new brand name I.L.U developed by the Group.

In 2010, the SHU footwear store chain was launched.

In 2012, AS Viking Motors was acquired; the company manages t
he Group’s car sales in Estonia and the sale and servicing of Opel and Cadillac cars. In order to organise the structure of the Group’s companies, Kaubamaja AS, Topsec Turvateenused OÜ, a provider of security services, and Kulinaaria OÜ, a provider of prepared foods and catering, were established as separate incorporated entities.

In 2014, the security company AS Viking Security was acquired.

The Group includes well-known brands such as Kaubamaja, Selver, Selveri Köök (“Selver Kitchen”), the Tartu Kaubamaja centre, Viking Motors, KIA, ABC King, SHU, I.L.U. and Topsec Turvateenused.

As at 2014, 44 stores operate under the Selver brand name, 14 of which are located in Tallinn and 30 in other places in Estonia. Selver’s subsidiary Kulinaaria OÜ is the largest central kitchen in the Baltics.

There are a total of 28 footwear stores, all of which operate in Estonia. Nine stores operate under the ABC King brand name, 18 under the SHU brand name and one store represents the Nero brand.

As at 2014, 6 I.L.U. cosmetics stores have been opened. The Group operates four car dealerships – two in Tallinn, one in Latvia and one in Lithuania. KIAs, Opels and Cadillacs are sold in Estonia; KIAs are sold in Latvia and Lithuania and the dealership in Latvia sells Peugeots as well.

The Group includes the fast-growing Topsec Turvateenused OÜ, which provides security services to the Group’s companies. The Group’s loyalty programme Partnerkaart is the biggest in Estonia with nearly 600,000 regular customers.

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In 2018, the consolidated financial results of Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS will be published on the following dates after the closing of market:

2017 4th quarter and 12 months interim report January 25
2017 audited annual report February 26
2018 1st quarter and 3 months interim report April 12
2018 2nd quarter and 6 months interim report July 12
2018 3rd quarter and 9 months interim report October 11



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