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US Stocks’ July Rally Loses Steam on First Trading Day of August Amid Mixed Corporate Results

After a strong rally in July, US stocks encountered a mixed start to August on the first trading day. While the Dow Jones managed to climb over 50 points, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq faced declines of 0.2% and 0.3%, respectively. The market was influenced by a series of corporate earnings reports, with some companies exceeding expectations, while others disappointed investors. Economic data showed signs of concern, with the manufacturing sector experiencing its ninth consecutive month of contraction, and job openings falling to a two-year low.

Corporate Earnings Highlights:

  1. Merck & Co: Despite reporting better-than-expected sales and raising its full-year revenue forecast. Merck & Co saw its shares dip by 0.3% during the trading session. The market’s muted response may have been influenced by other factors, such as forward guidance or broader industry trends.
  2. Pfizer: The pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, experienced a 1.4% retreat in its stock value, despite delivering upbeat results. The disappointment came from its revenue figures, which didn’t meet market expectations. Investors closely watch Pfizer’s performance, given its involvement in developing COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.
  3. ZoomInfo Technologies. The tech company faced a significant setback, with its stock plummeting by 26.9% after announcing a lower revenue forecast. The reduced outlook raised concerns about its future growth potential and led investors to reevaluate their positions.
  4. Uber: Ride-hailing giant Uber witnessed a 5.9% drop in its stock value, even though it exceeded operating profit expectations. The market seemed worried about the company’s revenue falling below forecasts, highlighting potential challenges in its core business model.
  5. Caterpillar: In contrast to some of the declining stocks, Caterpillar surged by over 7.5% after reporting better-than-expected earnings and revenue. However, the company also warned of a potential fall in third-quarter sales and margins, leading investors to approach the positive news with caution.
Dow Jones
Dow Jones, 1M chart

Economic Data Overview:

  1. ISM Manufacturing PMI revealed a concerning trend, with the factory sector contracting for the ninth consecutive month. This indicated ongoing challenges and headwinds in the manufacturing industry, possibly impacted by supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and geopolitical uncertainties.
  2. Job Openings: Data on job openings reflected a worrying situation, with job openings declining to a level not seen in over two years. This signaled a potential slowdown in the labor market and could have implications for consumer spending and overall economic growth.


The first trading day of August saw the US stock market’s momentum slowing down after a strong rally in July. Mixed corporate results played a significant role in influencing investor sentiment, with some companies disappointing the market despite positive earnings, while others surprised positively.

Additionally, economic data pointed to challenges in the manufacturing sector and a softening job market, adding to the cautious tone in the market. As the month progresses, investors will closely monitor corporate earnings, economic indicators, and external factors to gain insight into the direction of the stock market.

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