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Shopify Inc. Stock Analysis

The company Shopify, Inc. operates a cloud-based commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Merchants use its software to run their business across all sales channels, including online storefronts, tablet and mobile shopping, social media storefronts, brick-and-mortar, and pop-up stores.

The platform for traders provides an extremely wide range of services, the ability to manage products and inventory, process orders and payments, establish connections with customers, and utilize analysis and reporting. It is oriented towards merchants and subscription solutions. The company was founded on September 28, 2004, by Tobias Lütk, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake, and its headquarters are in Ottawa, Canada.

Shopify, Inc.

The strength of the Shopify business model lies in the fact that incoming merchants to the platform are essentially tied to its ecosystem, paying a monthly subscription fee. As merchants expand and grow their independent businesses, the platform applies higher fees while providing more opportunities to utilize tools and services. As a result, recurring revenues can increase over time, making it harder for merchants to leave the platform and find alternative solutions.

Income by sectors:

Income by sectors
Income by sectors

Shopify’s financial results

In 2023, the company’s Operating losses exceeded one billion dollars. This is a very poor result. However, the final positive outcome was provided by the Net Unrealized Profit from property and other investments. We have already pointed out multiple times that the company includes the accounting of investments in securities in its direct operations. Therefore, when making calculations, adjustments need to be made by eliminating investments in securities.

The Average annual growth rate of income is high, reaching 59.61%. Just in 2023 alone, income grew by 26%. However, even with Unrealized bond gains, the Net margin was only 2%. Despite this, the Gross margin remains sufficiently high at 50%.

That indicates that the company has the potential to operate profitably and grow value for shareholders. However, it will need to prove that. Firstly, in cost reduction. And so far, we see that the proportion of General and Administrative expenses in Net income tends to decrease.

Asset and Equity returns are still very low, at 2% and 1.5% respectively. With such returns, the company is completely uninteresting to us. However, we hope that these indicators will significantly improve in the future. But that’s still in the future…

Optimistically, the leap in Cash Flows and FCF was influenced by last year’s Main Operating Cash Flows. Although there are nuances here as growth is driven by the sale of the logistics business.

In any case, the company is increasing its Own capital and the 9-year average annual increase in the Book value of shares reaches as much as 51%.

The F_Score indicator is an investment one and reaches 7. It slightly improved the Investment Scoreboard result, and it is already more optimistic:

Investment Scoreboard
Investment Scoreboard

If the company owners wanted to sell the business and use the proceeds to invest in 10-year US Treasury bonds and receive the same return as they did in 2023, they would only need to sell the shares for 2.22 USD.

Shopify Inc. Stocks

The stocks are traded on the stock exchanges of New York and Toronto. The ticker is SHOP.

Company stocks are still very risky. The Price’s Standard Deviation reaches 72%, and the Beta is even 2.30. From a speculative standpoint, it’s a very good stock. But what from an investment standpoint? You’ll have to wait a bit longer. The PEG ratio is very unattractive – 11. The Equity Risk Premium cannot be positive either – it’s at -4.33%.

However, the historical price 8-year CAGR reaches as much as 53.11%.

Looking at the company’s stock price prospects in terms of fixed income, the GRAPES price outlook is very sad – 2.44 USD.

We will also provide our calculated price forecast. Its results are heavily influenced by unstable fundamental indicators and very high PE ratios in the market. Therefore, we ourselves evaluate it with a great reserve. And we are more interested in the dynamics of this estimate in the future.

SHOP Price perspective
Price perspective

Third-party evaluations and forecasts

Artificial intelligence:

Speaking about the forecast of the stock price, analysts’ opinions vary slightly:

  • Some analysts believe that Shopify’s stocks are overvalued by about 68%, citing a discounted cash flow (DCF) value per share of $23.91.
  • Other analysts have set an average 12-month price forecast of $76.19, with the highest forecast at $105 and the lowest at $63.
  • There is also a forecast that the stock price could reach $81.00 by April 29, 2025, indicating a potential growth of 8.78% from the current stock price.

Given this data, Shopify Inc.’s financial condition appears strong, and the stock price forecast indicates a positive growth potential. However, it’s important to note that there is always a certain level of uncertainty in the stock market, so any investment should be made cautiously, taking into account all risk factors.

Tradingview consensus:

SHOP Tradingview consensus
Tradingview consensus

Stock Analysis consensus:

SHOP Stock Analysis consensus
Stock Analysis consensus

Stocktwits consensus:

Stocktwits consensus
Stocktwits consensus

Stock price


Fundamental analysis indicates that investing in this company is still very risky. We do not yet see stable cash flows ensuring profits from core operations. However, price outlook calculations, peer evaluations, and market participants are very optimistic.

We won’t rush to buy shares of this company. But we’ll keep an eye on the market, and if we see significant discounts, we might buy a symbolic amount.

A cup of coffee from you for this excellent analysis.

Shopify’s site

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