JSC Latvijas tilti

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JSC Latvijas tilti

Joint-Stock Company Latvijas tilti is one of the largest construction companies in Latvia. The company specializes in the construction and renovation of bridges, overpasses and tunnels as well as sea berths and near-shore marine facilities. The state enterprise Latvijas tilti was founded in 1942, but in 1997 it was converted into the Joint-Stock Company Latvijas tilti, in which the largest shareholder is the holding “LNK Group”.

During its existence the company has built thousands of bridges and hydraulic engineering facilities both in Latvia and abroad.

Investuotojo kalendorius:

With this JSC LATVIJAS TILTI informs that financial report for:

3 months, 2016 will be submitted May 31, 2016;

6 months, 2016 will be submitted August 31, 2016;

9 months, 2016 will be submitted November 30, 2016;

12 months, 2016 will be submitted February 28, 2017.



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