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AS Harju Elekter

Harju Elekter has been manufacturing electrical equipment since 1968. The operation of the company is can be divided into two business segments – firstly production and secondly real estate and all other activities.

The Parent company include the coordination of the co-operation within the Group, management of subsidiaries and related companies through their supervisory and management boards, management of finances and investments of the Group and management of development and expansion activities.

The parent company is also responsible for administrative and lease arrangements of production premises and for the professional operation of the corporate stores of the company.

There are three 100% subsidiaries in the Group. Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika (situated in Keila, Estonia) produces equipment for power distribution networks (substations, cable distribution cabinets and switchboards), industrial control and automation systems for the energy and industrial sectors as well as for public utilities.

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Company in the year 2021, the consolidated financial results will be published as following:

2020 4Q results                      23.02.2021
2021 1Q results                      28.04.2021
AGM                                       29.04.2021
2021 2Q results                      28.07.2021
2021 3Q results                      27.10.2021

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